Hourly Rates & VIP Packages 

Sabrina Lee *  Feb,  2023

My exceptional courtesan services will always be available, but these fun new packages bring intimacy and authenticity to a new level ;-)
 Massages, lingerie, stimulating conversation, flirting and plenty of teasing and pleasing are included with ALL my liaisons!
These packages are designed to take place at my comfortable, tasteful secure, private residence in Montreal. 
** Please contact me in advance for all other arrangements. **


Incall Service Rates
as of 02/02/2023

 1 Hour:                            500$ 

2 Hours:                          900$
3 Hours:                        1400$
4 Hours:                        1600$


Enjoy a Seafood Feast

Do you have a huge apetite for life, lust, and the pursuit of happiness? Why not let me cook you up a Seafood Feast like you've never experienced before, served up in scantily clad lingerie and heels. Click below for more info. 


Hollywood Night: 

Want to kick back and relax after all your hard work. We could just Netflix and Chill if you so desire. We could dare to act out the parts together. Available for your viewing pleasure access to well over 400 erotic cable channels. on the Big Screen! Click below for more info. 


420 Sensory Stimulation

Welcome to Canada! 
Where recreational pot use is absolutley legal. While I don't partake in any kind of drugs, (I do enjoy a good whiskey or wine) I am more than comfortable if you would like to kick back and chill, during while, or after our encounter. See below for more info. 


Good things come in 3s!!

While a very rare treat for me, I am only to happy and priveldged to spend some quality time in inntimate settings with extraodinary couples. Nothing but the very best should even be a consderation when sharing such a special moment. Allow me the pleasure to be part of your lives. A lifetime of memories awaits us. 



For those of you with a slider wilder streak, the world is your Oyster and the possibilities are endless. If you've ever wanted to try something a little more on the edge, perhaps a little shy to shy your innermost desires. Let me be your vessel, helping you pursue those pleasures.... We can't even speak of.... It's our little secret. 


The Ultimate HoneyMoon Affair 

The night belongs to us. Together at last, undisturbed by the daily challenges of life. This is our time. Let this be our best evening, one for the record books.
Lust, romance, passion, desire are all but mere little words as compared to the carnal fire in our very mind, body and soul. Take me, make me your forever. 


I'm a naturally curious and lovingly sensual woman and would delight in seeing your afterglow. I've spent a lot of time cultivating my intellectual interests and I have no doubt I can keep up with you.
I'm comfortable in any public arena, to any black tie affair. I also love to entertain in the comfort of a closely
intimate space. But we can discuss these matters in later conversation.
Let's indulge each other and have an unforgettable Full GFE erotic adventure of a lifetime.

- Sabrina Lee -

Design Your Very Own Fantasy Escape
September, 2020

Seafood, Champagne and Naughty Delights


Seafood Feast!  Live lobster / oysters / sea urchin / salmon…, you can order any seafood you want which I will buy from local seafood market and cook in the way you like, bottle of prosecco (or Vodka, white wine etc) and a stunning lingerie model! What better way to cap off your day or reward yourself for all you do!. You will eat and be treated like a king with a classy and naughty Asian princess. With all these wonderful flavors, I think we know the night will be delicious!

Hollywood Night with a Happy Ending!

4 Hours- 1500$

This is for the gentlemen who desires a natural transition from social to sensual in the privacy of my decadent home! After getting to know each other or celebrating a reunion, kick back and pick a movie together while cuddling on the couch and snuggling in each others arms. We will enjoy cheese, salami, drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), and whatever choice of snacks as you desire. :-). While on the couch, let's discover eveything about each other and each others bodies. Let's make sure we have a truly happy ending!

420 Sensory Stimulation Package

2 Hours 1200$
4 Hours 2000$

This is a 420 friendly package, and celebrates connection, love and life! A very tactile experience, encompassing all of our senses, heightened and focused on one another! Slow, sensual caresses and licks along every inch of your body. Soft textures, beautiful music, and any type of mood lighting you desire! Beautiful aromas and a full release of stress into a blissful present reality! This is a very 'lovey-dovey' package, designed to fully celebrate life and touch your soul! A buffet of delicious food is also provided. Please let me know all your favorites!

Couples** Because when you play together, you stay together!

2 hours ~ $1100
Additional hours ~ $500

Are you looking to add some excitement to your relationship with a sexy shared experience? I love to entertain couples, and delight in knowing that the right type of interaction will bring you closer than ever, with plenty to reminisce about for a long time afterwards! We will start with some light conversation, a glass of wine, flirting and light caresses before exploring greater depths of sensuality and carnal desires. I am completely bisexual, and will be as interactive as the two of you desire. I'm even happy to take a photo or video (on your device) of just the two of you! Bonus: Professional photographer or videographer available with advance notice. 

Passion Personified! The safe, S&M, role play & more!

1 hour ~ $1200
2 hours ~ $2000
4 hours ~ $3500

This is a much more passionate and intense encounter than my courtesan experience is. I can be much more assertive, vocal and uninhibited! Plenty of dirty talk, and an insatiable hunger for you! Elements of fantasy and role play may be included. Just let me know how naughty and dirty you are wanting things to get, or I could get carried away! 50% deposit required at time of booking for this package. It takes time and effort to get myself intensely worked up....and I definitely don't want to be left hanging ;-)

The Ultimate Honeymoon Experience

An all inclusive evening (or afternoon) catering to sensual pleasures!
3 hours ~ $1500
4 hours ~ $1900
6 hours ~ $2500

As you arrive at very comfortable and safe, private home, you will be greeted with a warm hug, soft kiss, and glass of champagne (or other beverage of your choice). I will be wearing a sexy dress, with beautiful stockings and sinful lingerie peeking out.

We will flirt, laugh and get to know one another while cozying up on my beautiful couch and enjoying the view!
A beautiful home cooked gourmet meal will be nearly completed, and I will slip into the kitchen for a few minutes to put the finishing touches on it. My cooking and creative skills extend beyond the bedroom........and we will enjoy an organic/wild/locally sourced meal made from scratch. Giant scallops perfectly caramelized in a citrus glaze? Whole Crab or Lobster? Or perhaps you would like something more festive? I can accommodate all diets and allergies. Just let me know! Humbly, I am a Master Seafood Chef. 
Candle light, soft music in the background, an open bar, delicious food, and a scantily clad Asian Goddess will be your lingerie model to share the night! As the champagne flows, and we gaze into one another's eyes, hands begin to rove, and the bedroom beckons!
My dress beings to slip off.......revealing my heavenly 34C-23-34 curves on a meticulously toned sculpted curvy body with legs and buns of steel! . The sexy lace of my stockings a stark contrast against my silky smooth skin. The candles flickering and the sound of ocean waves allow us to drift into our own private paradise of sensual and tactile delights! Teasing and exploring each other en route to new heights of pleasure!
Lingerie always looks best on the floor, and it finds it's home there as I tease and explore every inch of you with my hands......then retrace the path with my soft, warm tongue!
Sensuality is meant to be savored, and we will enjoy non rushed, and non limited appreciation for one another!
Perhaps you can enjoy a sexual message ......or save it for the end ~ to enjoy with my famous home cooked delights! A sinfully indulgent night for you.........and the greatest gift of knowing that your unforgettable evening will improve and change the lives of so many less fortunate!

Our Destiny Awaits

Monday - Friday
09:00 - 21:00

Saturday - Sunday
11:00 - 23:00


MidTown Montreal 

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