Visual & Sensory Delights

Sabrina Lee   2020

A Visual Exploration


Ready to enjoy the erotic, exotic  pleasures of your very own Montreal Geisha? You will have many outifts to select from for your visual delights.


A little Bling, Bling never hurt anyone. It will be my plasure to get all dolled up from headd to toe for you in exquiste fabrics and jewels. Let me bedazzle you.


Getting down and dirty can always be fun. But, its much more fun when you know you are doing it with a super sweet, well-educated, classy good girl.


This is of paramount importance to me and something I offer to all my gentleman callers without exception and I expect the same courtesy in return.

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When love conquers body, mind and soul
Take my flesh and fill up each pore
With the sweat of your passion
Take me as I come
Light up my spirit to the core.
Underneath you I seek all wildness
Wrapping my legs around your waist
I feel your weight on me
Transforming love's beauty into missionary.
Divine is our love
Purity and calmness is what we seek
As I sit on your lap
Ride me to oblivion
Like a lotus in this mess, let me blossom.
Tonight let me mount you
And as I lower myself inch by inch
On your divine length,
I discover the trust we build
As I ride you like a wild bull.
Love me from behind
When I am on my knees and hands,
Give me all the pleasure
I have been seeking so long
A journey to my exotic places
I never knew existed.
Counterclockwise, clockwise, sideways
Hanging mid air, legs on your shoulders,
Twist me, fold me , love me in all angles
Sixty-four arts of your love
Will never break me.
But let us discover the magic of our souls
Enjoying the divine pleasure
And when I am a smiling limp body
Embrace me close to your beating warm sweaty chest
Let me return to the divinity and purity
Of love making.."

- Sean Maxwell - Client -